‘One Last Longing’ a video work by Henrique Pavão
Temporarily online 5 & 6th June 2020 at WrongWrong

(contact for access to full film)
HD video (b/w & colour, sound, 8’18’’)
Sound designed & composed by: João Poppe Toulson
Supported by: DGARTES - Direção Geral das Artes

This video work is accompanyed by a text written by Henrique Pavão, an excerpt of which can be seen below:

Lying on a couch, I talk as if no one can hear me. I discuss with myself why most of my references are male. They are just a way to replace you; after all, you were never completely there. Were you? Maybe, as Clark Kent, or a character of some kind, and that was somehow enough. Your inaccessibility made me like you. A fictional replacement seemed to me the only possible way out. I vomit you in my creativity in many forms, building universes that you can inhabit, but you are never seen. I chase your footsteps in humid jungles, dark hotel rooms and ancient ruins; I like to be seen as you, as a character of a movie, that when seen through a screen will be my favourite – my speed-dating hero. As the film beams out of the projector everything fades away, and I am myself again, and my loneliness lasts and lasts. It is just me in an empty cinema – I use film reels to burn us away.

(This text was written near Vale de Russins, Portugal - May 2020)

2021 - 07 - 02
Lisbon, Portugal
Galeria Zé dos Bois

2020 - 10 - 14
Lisbon, Portugal

2020 - 06 - 05

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