‘Anticline’, a visual essay by João Bragança Gil 
This piece is part of a multimedia work by João Bragança Gil. 

HD video, 21:9, black and white, AAC, 13:13
Director & Cinematography: João Bragança Gil.

Original Soundtrack: João Poppe Toulson.
Sound Design: João Poppe Toulson; João Bragança Gil.

The following is an excerpt taken from the project’s website:

Anticline is a visual essay that documents the transformation of the landscape into products, focusing on the marble industry in Portugal, following a tragic landslide in November 2018. However the film explores larger ecology of harm, intending to develop an empathetic gaze in which we experience the extraction and transformation processes from the perspective of the stone.

The narrative documents fragments of this exploration, where we find habitats dominated by cranes and disfigured by heavy machinery, functioning almost as an industrial archeology, in which we are placed as witnesses at the center of a scar that extends for over 40 kilometres (...) Observing the ecology of the different players, Anticline brings to the surface traces and artefacts composed of micro-narratives that document and witness the profound and continuous subjugation of the landscape.
- João Bragança Gil

2020 - 11 - 08
Lisbon, Portugal
‘Anticline’ by João Bragança Gil